Sunday, August 28

the best of Nick Hornby

Allright, I picked up Nick's book " A long Way Down". He is kick ass. Totally. I mean have to give it to the guy for being so matter - of - fact about love , loss and life. Though you laugh with him, it hurts, and while you laugh out loud, you can hear your pain , distinct, suicidal and completely lunatic. You know that the tears that welled up in the corner of your eyes are not because you are tired laughing but because you wanted to cry. Instead you laughed.

Here's Nick Hornby quoted...straight from A Long Way Down, some matter- of -fact yet kick ass statements that made me laugh and weep in tandem.

1. Being owed an explanation is like being owed money, and not just a fiver, either. Five or six hundred quid minimum, more like.

2. Surely the coroner's inquest should read, " He took his own life away after sober and careful contemplation of the shambles it had become'?

3. The papers have been full of shit about me, and every word of that shit was true.

4. No, we were finished as serious people. We had sold our seriousity for twelve hundred and fifty of your English pounds.

5. She dumped me because I wasnt going to be a rock n roll star after all. "Shitiness, they name is Woman."

6.Most people have a ropethat ties them to someone, that rope can be short or it can be long.( Be long Belong. Get it?) You dont know how long though. Its not your choice.

7. Telling me I can do anything I want is like pulling the plug out of the bath and then telling the water it can go anywhere it wants. Try it, and see what happens.

8. The problem with our generation is we dont want to do something, make something, we want to be something.

9.One thing the last couple of years had taught me is there's nothing you can't fuck up if you try real hard.

10. You see? Ex wives: really everybody should have atleast one.

11. Hard is trying to rebuild yourself, piece by piece, with no instruction book, and no clue as to where all the important bits are supposed to go.'


Ajit Chouhan said...

Hi Suchika,

Kya haal hai.....I was in touch with Amitabh throughout the whole week when u were in kol.

I went through your last reply and i guess it was on my expected lines.

The more i read you expressions the greater the appreciation.Now let me try and understand or rather decipher your flow of thoughts.

You know individual writing style also depicts one's state of mind and thinking pattern.It says a lot about one mental ability to organise thoughts and expression style.

Some times I have even seen that what one may not be able to express in public may seek to pacify his soul and seek redemption by creating a web of thoughts. But i agree with you that intrepetations of individual expressions vary and that is really the essence of words.

Suchika I sincerely feel with
passage of time your ideas will change.If you really feel you have attained the "state of nothingness" then you must relish the bliss of divinity.

Chao.....Take care

shuchika said...

Hi Ajit,

I am back to bombay after hectic travel...

Saw your blog on John Denver...nice one.

Spoke to Rashmi Bansal the other day..will write more later.


Ajit Chouhan said...

I hope you have checked the other two blogs i have

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You are invited to join the groups.
In case if you find it difficult to join via blog links,just forward ur email id i'll send the link.

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Jay said...

I read Hi Fidelity two yrs back and just loved it!
Looking fwd to reading this..

Karol Cross said...

Fabulous. Nick Hornbys work just resonates. I was looking for a quote and found your page. Loved it.

shikha said...

was generally reading again today and loved it yet again:)

thought i did drop in and say hi!!!