Monday, October 24

In delirium

I am tired… I am ill…swollen tonsillitis glands hurts, my gums are swollen, my jaws are swollen and I have a voice that I don’t love to hear anymore.

I fell asleep with my swollen cheeks rubbing against the glass window pane of my cab.

Swollen wobbling tonsillitis glands resting against cold of the glass.

A chocked throat, a blocked nose, red shot eyes, swollen glands all reach office on a cold stricken Monday morning.

They have deadlines to meet, hoards of them staring menacingly out of the various windows on a metallic laptop. Demanding their share of sick eyes, swollen glands.

The blocked head bothers about the weekend gone astray in gurgling a throat…the story that did not happen, words that were blocked. Chocked. tonsil led. I struggled with my protagonists to end a story…this way or that way…happy or sad… …end or no end.

I am floating in a antibiotic induced sleep. Dsiprin dreams. Wading into and out of some schizophrenic dream where I am writing the longest story ever which doesn’t end.

Scene 1-People mourn a dead bird in a faraway town,
Scene 2- couple smile vacuously staring into an imaginary mirror. Lights. Crackers.
Scene 3 -Doctors flash a torch into a girl's throat. " Say Aaa". She opens her little mouth and Aaas sincerely. Checks for approval.

I awoke with a rude jolt of “Kasaka Mumbai” on FM.

I envy the happy and tonsil spared voice of RJ Archana.

I pop more pills at the desk and make a poor attempt of working on mean projects. captives of my here and now. Seizing the stories lurking in the head.

I forgo the idea of a Sick Leave, save them all for a dry smooth, not blocked, not chocked, tonsill spared moment when stories find their way , when words lurk out, when keyboard types a world I can sit back and marvel at.
World I can wade in and wade out of. Sea of my belongingness. Away from the aquarium.

Till then I wade into my Disprin laden dreams.


The Devil Within said...

Khaafi umar ho gaya hai, thora sudhar jao.....If you eat, drink and sleep on time, you will not need dispirins!

Ajit Chouhan said...

Hi Suchika,

Been travelling like hell so havent been able to keep things updated,prsently at bangalore.

Thanks for the g8 stories.

Happy Diwali...

shuchika said...

hi ajit,

thanks and same to you, amitabh tells me you may join Infosys, congrats.

I liked the poetry you wrote, keep that intact in the here and now of Infosys life.

Its very difficult to keep it intact but do try.

Sunil K Poolani said...

Hi Suchika, I really liked the expression "my swollen cheeks rubbing against the glass window pane of my cab". It is a really good imagery, and I can imagine the visual from outside the cab. you definitely have talent, you need to polish it, of course.
sunil poolani