Tuesday, November 15

an ode

From the window of my everyday life,
I saw you going away.
Like the sea receeding from the forbidden shore,
The wet shore maddened with possibilities.
A part of shore swept with the sea,
Swept. Vulnerable. possible.
A part of shore left behind,
Wet. Victim. Guarded.


Sunil K Poolani said...

The poetry starts of quite well, but it loses its charm somewhere midway, and regains composure towards the end. But the imagery is quite strong. and I hope by practicing more on verse, you can write good, world-class poetry in the future; but you should realise that the distance you have to travel is much more hazardous and long than the road you have travelled so far.

The Devil Within said...

Intense....Fairly Intense!!

Ajit Chouhan said...

This one is really nice suchika.

shuchika said...

nice to see you back on my blog ajit.

where were you?

Ajit Chouhan said...


Life has taken a 180* turn.I am now with infosys at Mysore.Just updated my blog after ages.

Hope u had a nice Diwali.Infact this is my first diwali outside Patna and i really get nostalgic at times.

Bindiya said...

Very intense and very lonely... I have finally visited your blog:).
The lines make me feel sad and lonely. I guess that's the mark of good poetry!