Thursday, January 19

a life waits

Between us a life waits
to be lived
waking up lazily to
waiting tea turned cold
the deceit of togetherness
in an already worn T shirt
hot running water
dripping with anticipation
a tired remote coping
with squabbling channels
yawning chandler with
sideways glances
waiting to end
those thousand whispers
to start a morning
with a folded newspaper
lying on the floor
spurned off. unread.
rushed baths.
overworked morning cream
moisturising a dull day
frenzied arrogant afternoons
of meaningless games
vodka with tonic laden evenings
rented happiness of few hours
foil packed dinners of
conceited independence
elusive slumber
through bad radio music
and a life waits on hold
between us
to be lived


Raps said...

"rented happiness of few hours"- very nice, shows the falsity. Loved it.

... said...

Very well written...

Ajit Chouhan said...

Another good one Suchika,just a passing thought"what's true for a day is also true for life".

shuchika said...

I agree.

and thats why my blog is called " on borrowed time"

we ruin our lives in search of the ground beneath our feets, sutainability, permanence.

It was always there. we need to find ourselves in small things, little moments, precious gestures.

Life, i have maintained is a series of beautiful evenings and it can be lived only in small measures, meaningful experiences.

Anonymous said...

the same haunting quality in whatever you write or do.

the wide eyed vulnerabilty.

the lunancy.

for keeps.

keep finding yourself.

Satyam Arora said...

Great blog!
liked it!

Anonymous said...

Dunno if you've heard em but ya sound an awful lot like the band REM. They're one of my all time fav bands.. heralded as the fathers of alternative. They're still an active band an all... check out this song called 'E-bow the letter' from their album 'New Adventures in Hi-Fi'... the music's amazingly melancholic.. the style of writing unbelievably similar to what you've written... i used to write like this once upon a time... and then i got hold of REM's Automatic for the People... huge influence on me, that album... Maybe you should lend them, in all proverbial fart, your ear... :)

shikha said...

a very well written poem..clear and creative thought process...
cheers..keep at it!!

just live the life that's are on borrowed time!!

I tossed a blanket from the bed..
I lay upon my back, i waited..
I dozed, i saw the night revealing..
the thousand sordid images of which my soul constitued!!

Raps said...

when can we have some more of your thoughts penned down?

shuchika said...

shikha thanks, i went to your blog and I like what you write.

we must talk because you like ghalib as much as i do.

Raps, sorry to disappoint. too much was happening in too little a time for me to be able to blog.

sigmund fraud said...