Monday, December 11

a chance encounter

A chance encounter.

(A baby python crossing the road on Kollad - Mumbai Road)

On a smooth road
draped in kohl black darkness
Interrupted by two rotating
blobs of halogen light.
the flash of digital.
And its precise noise.
A gone bad attempt to
capture a chance encounter

4 feet away from
the secured wheezing of engine
You slithered with the burden
of a venomened destiny.
a weight you carried through
the darkness
hurrying to reach the other side
avoiding my world
shrinking into your space

And I stood there
with held up viciousness
and the venom of life
watched you barefooted
shrinking into a world
that looked scared
away from
the sinous sinister snake
you are expected to be.

And I inched closer
shedding the skein
of the careful , restrained
barefooted woman
I was supposed to be
to click the digital harder
and better
to make the most
out of our chanced encounter


shikha said...

oohhh..babe what an encounter:)

Ajit Chouhan said...

Umhh,hair raising one...