Thursday, February 1


Last night I was drained.

Fatigue. Stress. And the weight of going through a tomorrow in the next few hours.

It was one of those rare nights when I did want to sleep early.

I was woken up at aound 1:00 p.m. by a friend who is known for his rather profund ways. Fate had it, he was heading home after the last of the pubs was shutting down when he saw a couple fighting on the raod.

Usual stuff. You - didnt- do - this - for- me. and I -am -the -only-one-making-efforts-in-this.

He called me up to tell me how painful it was to see them not making it.

And how unhappy he was with his own life. And how meaningless was his own success. And how there was no fun in drinking.

Well... I said.

And then he said something that kept me awake for the rest of my night. ( Thanks so much!)

Love is something that a million people hanker for but only, only, a chosen few get!!!

Goddamn....that sounds so painful.


shikha said...

well shuchika..i am glad to see a post from you so soon....

i check the blogworld daily and i open your link with a feeling that there is gonna be nothing new for a long long i was glad....

to see something that was so feels like a piece that you write since you are so touched/overwhelmed that you dont care about how it does it flow...sounds meaningful or not...just does not matter....

so cheers dear!!!

Love truly is something so many hanker for, but few get it...anf they get it because they find and feel love in the smallest of things...true not getting the certain things is painful, but looking beyond and liking/loving things as is, is an art..a blissful feeling....

few, i think can get that feeling!!!

White Magpie said...

Love is like everything else but only sits on the top of the heap for most.

Anonymous said...

Love is not an outside there thing to find, in my experience.

It's a in-me thing that I create and make every single moment.

That's why only a few 'get it' and why most people 'hanker for it'