Sunday, February 18

To laughter & happiness

Yesterday, I reread "Hot Water" by P G Woodehouse...and I was honestly rolling over. Its one of my favourites.

And I have decided,I am going to buy the whole PG Woodehouse collection, if it makes me so happy. His humor is so subtle, the play of words so tenuous, the moment of laughter so fragile, that one can miss it and never laugh.

Almost lifelike.

The moments of truth are so few and far in between that chances are if one misses the happy moments one would not be happy.

We are all taught to be perfect, morally upright, and most of our actions and pursuits are in the same direction. It only makes us more perfect, and yes more morally upright.

Well... nothing wrong with that as following formats in life are more difficult than not following them. But, perfection is not happiness. Perfection is about efficiency... Happiness is something tenuous, amorphous, neither heaven nor hell, but what lies in between, amoeba like shapeless formless entity.

like a PG Woodehouse novel....

Or Chintu Sahay, my pet fish.... searching for food the whole day.

I have never written about Chintu Sahay before. I bought Chintu Sahay & Mannu Sahay at a suburban aquarium shop.

They made home in a bland fishbowl in my orange green living room. Chintu Sahay is black, Mannu Sahay was orange in color.

They fought for food the whole day and then Chintu would chase Mannu holding it by its tail. It was interesting to watch Mannu, the quieter of the two, fight for his space and share of food with this aggressive partner.

And then one day he died.lived his life.

Now its just Chintu Sahay floating tirelessly in a watery slippery fishbowl.

This one's a survivor, he understands the dynamics of fishbowl well... comes to the surface when fed, takes to the plastic punishment well during weekend water change. I have a feeling it responds to music too.

I sit there and watch it, swimming in circular motion, rhythm of life. Chintu Sahay makes me happy. Also imparts a sense of responsibility. I like to fuss over Chintu, remember to feed it every morning and make it a point to sit around and watch it in the evening.

Some tips on fish behavior.

1. They gnaw at your finger tips only & only for food. ( do not mistake it for affection.)
2. They respond to colors.
3. They look for food the whole day.
4. They, like us, hate change. especially water change.
5. They eat boring food. pink & green things. doesn't look appealing at all.

Do they love? Or when loved do they love back?

Can't say.

Read this guy's interview, don't remember his name, he takes a subject called psychology 1400 ( or was it 1600?) at Harvard. He is said to be pulling more crowd that Churchill & Roosevelt could.

See, that's the thing about happiness, everyone seeks it, nobody knows how to fetch it?

What this guy says is that hordes of us don't know that we have it too. Some of the points he makes are arguably thought provoking.About finding meaning in ourselves, enjoying a vocation for its own sake, understanding the perils of wealth accumulation, seeking inner balance etc.But what keeps me intrigued as an HR professional is not as much the panacea as the burgeoning attendance in the class.

Why would blokes from Harvard, undoubtedly the brighter of the lot, follow the pied piper from hamelin?

Brings us back to the point, best is just that, the best, not the happiest.

Fulfillment, as they say, is generally abstract and mostly within.


Shantanu said...

Bring back good memories, another life that had time for PG Wodehouse, Jeeves, and many other books!

As for that elusive thing called Happiness, I am not sure if you are refering to the new best-seller titled "Stumbling Upon Happiness" which essentially says we don't know what makes us happy, we only think we do!

shikha said...

"Happiness is something tenuous, amorphous, neither heaven nor hell, but what lies in between, amoeba like shapeless formless entity."

happiness eludes you if you go looking for it...happiness is a string of small joys that we often ignore...

crisp sunshine on a rainy day,
fresh green hills

its there
in the now and here of things
in the hustle bustle of today

in the memories of yesterday
in the sweet pain of leaving
in the love that was not meant to be
in the moving on here..
a feeling

sweet and bitter
at the same time!!!

Ninad said...

Its nice to see so many posts on your blog after such a long time. I started reading your blog after the "Akele hum Akele tum" post. Really like your style of writing. Makes me feel "happy". See, you dont need to make any efforts to be happy. Yes but it takes selfish efforts to make others happy. Efforts that make us do things that people appreciate.


P G Woodehouse... Its one of my favourites too!! Your office looks familar. Are you working with ? Ok let's me find it out on Monday.

Shantanu said...

Goodness, you write so well! You ought to move this from the comments section to the main blog! Looks like you have been busy; no new stuff lately?