Wednesday, June 13

Oliver Twist asks for more!

After ages I feel like blogging on an organisational reality.

I have always liked to keep my blog a medium of my self expression. I compare this to the Gulzaar song from the TV serial "Thoda sa asman" ( of doordarshan days ) which goes ...."mein bichao ya oodhu, mera thoda sa asman de do." On Borrowed time is my piece of sky. I have tried to keep it away from the "commonly discussed topics" or " hotly debated today". Also because I do not want to come across as articulating the views of my employer nor do I think its professionally right to articulate views on my profession when I am part of an organisational framework.

But Coach Ford's rejection of BCCI offer touched a raw nerve, yes we can call him names. Like he did not what he was missing. or he is an opportunist. or how could he renegotiate ? But the fact is he has.

And it boils down to plain economics, there are more jobs in the market than there are job seekers. And its the role of an organisation to create a pull for potential employees.

Well, Consider Coach Ford, any bleary eyed HR manager could have sold him the depth of the job he was taking on,the moolah he was getting, the never before, never again visibility of it but....

BCCI needs to examine why Ford jettisoned the Indian storm to the calm of Kent?

Was it the stormy stint Chappel went through where a lift of the fingure launched many a television debates? Was it the pressure of performance in a scenario where cricket is deeply embedded into the psyche of a nation,a collective release of our supressed nationalistic pride ? Or is it the fear, that his career may end a la woolmer? or just the shabby way the whole recruitment process was handled by BCCI?

BCCI has a job at hand to figure out, why is it not a preferred employer for Ford?

Why BCCI ? Offer rejection is an organisational reality India Inc is groping with.And it is reacting fast to it, Employer Brand measures are fast emerging,no longer is one smug with filling vacancies or getting people on board. Application percentages,Offer funnels, applications to offers, offers to acceptance are far better measures of Employer Brand today.

And yes, the employee watches you every minute. The call the consultant makes to a potential employee, the way the job brief is written or not written, to the dressing sense of the interviewer all play a role in engaging the potential employee. Pre Recruitment meetings, welcome calling etc have become a norm as tools of engagement by potential employers.

Talking about Employer Brand the Govt needs to do something about itself. Read some revealing statistics few days back, the last 10 years has witnessed a little less than a quarter of Govt Employees moving to Private Sector.This trend is a cause of concern in a society where need for security is a celebrated behavior.

Today Oliver Twist asks for more!