Saturday, February 16

random ones

Yes. I know its been some time I haven’t blogged. Too much water has flown under the bridge. It almost feels like the other end of the sea, the bridge a distant imaginary dot.

I know being erratic has lost favor. The needle is moving towards the structured, disciplined types.

So.... the New Year resolution is to be specific. So I am not going to get carried away with words. I am going to get into real writing. With a specific outcome. Like today I am going to write about

Fish Curry in mustard gravy

(Its a tacit knowledge passed from a mother to a daughter, so no real acknowledgements here)


Rohu fish (cut into small pieces, cleaned)

To marinate

Ginger & garlic paste
Chilli paste
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder
Chilli powder (as per taste)
Lime juice (1 whole lemon in 1 kg fish)

To Fry

Mustard oil

For Gravy

Ginger & Garlic paste
2-3 garlic pieces
2-3 chilies (as per taste)
4-5 tomato (cut & diced)
Mustard paste
Coriander leaves for seasoning
Turmeric powder

Mix all the ingredients listed above well with the fish and keep aside for 2-3 hrs. ( See picture)

Pour oil into the frying pan or kadai. Let the oil heat. Place the fish piece by piece in the oil. Fry on both sides till the color turns to golden brown. (See picture)The fish can be shallow fried as well for a low oil dish.

For the gravy, use a different utensil. Pour some mustard oil and fry the tomatoes, chilies, with ginger garlic paste. Add mustard powder, salt & turmeric powder. Fry this masala in the oil on a low flame till it leaves the edges of the utensils. Add water and boil twice or thrice.

Add the fried fishes and take it off the pan. (See picture)

Garnish with coriander leaves

This dish goes extremely well with boiled rice. This is bliss. I am not counting calories today.

But these are not daily indugences. To sign off, here is a poem I wrote when I was on a diet

You are like the hot & sour chicken soup
seasoned with garlic & butter
Bread crumbs crisp and red
Floating to entice
Served on a cold life like night
You are like the baked bread
Fresh out of the shop
Fluffy and creamy
Creamy and fluffy
Eager and willing
Like a sunny morning
You are like the mustard fish curry
Sprawled over steam rice
On a rainy near morning
Served in a run down joint
playing bad FM music
Over a sloshed conscience

You are so much and so more
the tangy sauce
In a bland cold salad
Spicy green chili
Occasionally encountered
In a low cholesterol omelet
I love you like the
sinned food that cant be had
I love you for
I am forced to eat
my sanitized
here and now lunch
One day , my love,
I shall break free
And eat what I like


shikha said...

hi there... a warm welcome back hug:)...did not know that you are a great cook as well...and yes..i love rohu in mustard sauce ssoooooo i cant figure out which one is more savory..the poem or the fish curry?

and,like always,hope you post more often:)

shikha said...

and somehow goes very well with what thou cheers to that too:)