Tuesday, March 25

a poem

They sat in silence
She like the earth rotating on her axis
She like the orbit
Trampled by a self absorbed rotating earth

What do you know about anything?
Hmm… she murmured
Thinking, I bet you knew
everything about everything
I bet you rehearsed it all
Living & Loving
Loving & living
And said “cut”
And “retakes”
When you thought you didn’t live right
And shot it all in a“To do & not to do”
A celluloid on “life”
May I buy tickets?
For 100 odd bucks
Before it is all “sold out”
And then live life
Frame by frame

She was hurt by her silence
Like, Once in a life time movie
Was running to an empty theatre

“What do you know anything about loss?
Loss is wiped off vermillion
Loss is widowhood imposed
No warnings, no preparations

For a moment, she heard,
A tenuous bond formed
Over a dead man
In white muslin
She remembered him for
Keeping the deviant in check
she remembered him for
he helped keep the
Overbearing under tabs

And then she though of loss
Yes, I know of loss
Loss is more than wiped off vermillion
Loss is frenzied days
Overwork, concrete jungle.
Loss is no friends and no faith
Loss is cold lunches, lonely dinners
Loss is a sinking feeling
That tomorrow maybe as
bleak and cold as today

"I know loss"
She wanted to scream
Instead she looked at her
She was crying
Stung by the unfairness of loss
Also probably its vastness

They both retrieved
Faded into silence

The earth rotated on its axis
And revolved around the sun
And the orbit trampled by a
Self absorbed earth
Regretted its destiny.

1 comment:

Raps said...

such is the irony... we all look at everything from our selfish eye... and volley of words continue. Millieu is a strong word and we don't consider that as point of reference often... and loss and pain we continue to suffer...