Friday, May 30

I have fallen in love. And this is the guy in question.

I believe he knows he is this cute.

They are friends. She writes well, has done theatre, works hard at work and is basking in motherhood.

I have known her for a year now and she looks very beautiful and peaceful Thanks to this addition in her life.

Ashok, her husband cooks very well. He inspired me to cook continental food. It is to this inspiration that I owe my recent collection of esoteric spices and suaces. I hope he is able to jettison his "here & now" and open the restuarant that he wants to.Because he really has it in him. I understand taste. And I know Ashok is damn good. Its a pity I didnt click snaps of the spread that day.

I hope she is able to support his decision whole heartedly. There's no reason why she won't because she has it in her to make thing work.

and I do hope that when he grows up he looks at his parents with loads and loads of respect at the courageous choices his parents made.

only in times such as these, I yearn to be a mom someday.

Here's wishing all the best to casper and his supercool mum and super chef dad.

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