Wednesday, June 25

Oh! Please

Is somebody aware of this large scale mindless production ?

Mysterious death makes so much sense for media, the frenzy to dish out"lack of information" to an extremely perverted audience, which watches this and and makes depravity in media a vicious circle.

I want to remember the 14 year old girl who died. Her life unlived.

Here's to the memory of Arushi Talwar

A 14 year old girl had died
Pretty and bright
Nice smile, kohl eyed

Fourteen is a
lovely age to be,
Its when you tuck your skirt
Many inches above the knee,
And grow like vine,
Around a strong tree

That age, neither child,
Nor adult, is the best.
You giggle at the swell
Of your own chest.
And sigh and long,
For love forlorn.

It is that age when you ask,
Yourself too many things,
And believe in human beings.
It’s when you see dreams
And resolve to make them true,
You want to change the world
Without half a clue

You like rock music
And all such noise
You dance awkward
You lack poise.
You feel pretty
Wear real junk
You tread the other road
A stolen swig, a long puff
And try some other stuff

Sometimes, only sometimes
(If you have real talent for trouble)
My friend, you blow
On most occasions, you just grow

Out of a fourteen year old skein
Into an adult mould
And your story stays
To be told and re- told

But this girl
This fourteen year old
Was murdered in cold blood
She died, no shriek, no thud
She would not date, love
She would not be nor grow
Who she would have been
You & I would never know.

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Anonymous said...

my heart goes for akushihi....