Monday, September 29


I again dreamt of my dead father,
only this time,it was a happy dream.
or so i thought, because he was
involved in worldly things.

the window had come off its hinges
father stood there, fixing it,
with a hammer and handful of nails.
he hammered each nail
ruthlessly, all this while telling me
how important it was to keep us safe

he told me , the sesame don
would not leave
the nice piece of
wood with us
i stood there, my mosquito bitten leg
now cold,
and threatened the sesame don
in my imagination

father fixed the window,
got off the chair,
and retreated into oblivion
i woke up and stared
at my glass paned window
i laughed at my cheek,
to threaten a seasame don
is no mean feat,
for a kid.

Sunday, September 28


Wall Street fell apart like a house of cards. I was out of the firm a day before it filed for bankruptcy.

My escape was eerily narrow. In any case I am back to my hiring and firing job, the next few months are going to be real hectic but I am not complaining.

What I love about an Indian firm is being able to connect to the big picture , the lunancy it brings with itself and the chaos of making it happen. what I loved about the American firm was its order, balance , matured processes, international exposure etc etc.

more later.