Monday, September 29


I again dreamt of my dead father,
only this time,it was a happy dream.
or so i thought, because he was
involved in worldly things.

the window had come off its hinges
father stood there, fixing it,
with a hammer and handful of nails.
he hammered each nail
ruthlessly, all this while telling me
how important it was to keep us safe

he told me , the sesame don
would not leave
the nice piece of
wood with us
i stood there, my mosquito bitten leg
now cold,
and threatened the sesame don
in my imagination

father fixed the window,
got off the chair,
and retreated into oblivion
i woke up and stared
at my glass paned window
i laughed at my cheek,
to threaten a seasame don
is no mean feat,
for a kid.


neetu said...

Your father has indeed had a deep imprint on your mind..Is this the way you would like to see him??

take care

shuchika said...

considering you have decided to give the cell phone a miss and talk through the blog.

here's my answer - no, i accepted my father the way he was. a mute spectator of life, never an enthusiastic participant.

acceptance is far easier when tyou are so far apart in time and space like old man and me.

this, perhaps, is how my mom would have wanted to see him, but again it could be my assumption, may be she had far more acceptance for who he was than I have.

after all they lived together for 38 long years.

neetu said...

yess...i hve really given the cell phone a miss..but i m going to get back to it...i think the phase is over to some extent..not 100% though..will call u...sorry for the absence

neetu said...

and write newer ones..
um being selfish..ur writings are like wine for me..:))

Laxmi Salgaonkar said...