Saturday, November 29

We, the ordinary people

We are still counting the bodies. Sunday morning newspaper doled out fresh stories of horror & pain. Also rage. But most importantly, a helplessness.

Helplessness at our collective vulnerability of being ordinary.

Yes, we are ordinary people. People who cant kill, who cant kill even to save their lives. We take everyone sitting in a restaurant at face value. When we step over some one's toes in a busy mall, we say "sorry" and expect to be forgiven. We definitely cant imagine,an AK -47 spraying hatred at our collective vulnerability.

We are people who condemn all heinous acts alike. From Babri To Godhra. From Bombay Bomb blast to Akshar Dham. From Kashmir To Gujarat.We are people who visit Pushkar and Ajmersharif in the same tour. We are too ordinary, we can love moderately and we cant hate fiercely.

Wednesday night the most schizophrenic nightmare of the ordinary people turned to be an unfortunate truth.

I still cant imagine how can one man kill another man? What socialisation process, what Induction Program prepares you to be so indifferent, so callous ? What communication is fed to 21 like a cough syrup to be so remorseless ?

And while terrorist are not ordinary people like us, we expect our politicians to be.

First thing first, I believe in Manmohan Singh, he is a statesman who represents "us". The urban, educated, middle, class. The ordinary people. His resume inspires me to do more with myself.I also believe in Sonia Gandhi, who has shown upright behavior, put her party before herself, rewarded loyalty , rewarded performance over gimmicks. Sometimes, I feel she is a woman who is driven by her own need of excellence. Destiny chose her and she is willing to make a difference.

But that belief is now shaken.

We didn't see shame in their eyes, we didn't see remorse. above all we don't see resolve in our own ordinary Mr. Singh to combat terrorism as a project. Raise an international stink.Just like US did after 9/11. He needs to leverage India's new found economic muscle to demand and international stance on states that sponsor terrorism.

Shivraj Patil's resignation ain't enough. Its a gimmick that an average man an understand. Next would be Vilas Rao Deshmukh & R R Patil.How about taking accountability and resigning ? Mr. Prime Minister - Does the buck not stop at you ?

Thank fully, I never believed in L K Advani. He is not Atal Bihari Vajpayee after all. So the series of Ads given in Times of India to vote for a terror free government by voting in BJP just confirms what LK Advani stood for. We cannot and should not forget that LK Advani is the architect of the Rath Yatra that changed the fault lines of Religion in this country. He represents a brand of Hinduvata , no self respecting Hindu can identify with. He represents the party who tried to taint the man who died fighting against terror silencing his detractors.

His family and his loved ones owe an apology from that party not Rs 1 crore Mr. Modi. Stop assuming everyone has the same drivers in life.

So Vasudha Raje's Scindia's series of ad on TV where she appeals with pouting lips to vote the government out is an able executioner following her shameless leader.

Oh! And as a personal policy I do not write about Raj MNS Thakarey, who was nowhere to be seen when beloved Bombay was burning. He is content with beating up taxi drivers and IBLUs ( Immigrant Biharis like us.)

There is all party meet today, opposition might clamor for a Federal Agency, From a solution perspective, it may be a move in the right direction. But we need far more rigour in combating terrorism. The ordinary people leading ordinary lives o dealt can do without a page of "The Bourne Identity" in their lives.

Last but not the least - Cheers to the Mumbai police that did everything in its control till NSG arrived. The Heroes of Anti Terrorist Squad who laid their lives so that we could sleep peacefully. The simple black cat commandos who dealt with the situation matter of factly, whose embarrassed smiles & camera shyness said it all. They are the real heroes, used to bullets not flashbulbs. And the staff of Taj who in their entire Induction were never taught how to deal with this but stuck to their policy of "customer first" and finally all those people who lost their lives trapped in helplessness , soaked in our vulnerability. Also those who lived to recount the horror.

Also its time for us ordinary citizens to wake up to our own vulnerabilities and demand. Lets not be resilient. Lets not take refuge in the spirit of Mumbai. Lets not assuage our survival guilt's in lighting candles and peace marches. Lets demand action from State. Lets raise a stink.

Friday, November 21

After ages

I achieved several milestones

Lost 10 kgs twice over.

Put back 10 kgs twice over.

Obsessed with work.

Ate Sushi on 12th Nov '08.

More later