Monday, April 6

Black Out

One makes weekend plans
Meet friends for a movie
Or have dinner probably.
A rushed trip to the gym
Is all it takes
To seal a responsible
Balanced week.
Exercise. Massage.
And a thud in the shower.
A heavily gymmed
Over steamed
Dry heat sluiced
body fell
on the floor
I missed few anxious
Of my life.
When I lay sprawled
On the floor
Parts of my life
Played by others
(or was it theirs ?)
I was shaken
Called several times.
Fussed over.
I struggled back
To my world.
Regained vision
In halted seconds.
Door, shower
A towel tossed
Aimlessly on the
More faces.
Some strange
Some familiar
I gained
My parallel world
Thoughts, memories
Images of my uncle
In epileptic seizure
Flashed past me.
Thank god,
I had a blackout.
It could have been worse.

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