Thursday, April 9

Status Update

Your blog
Is a good
To get a heads-up
No real reason
Just virtual tabs
It saves me the
Ignominy of sending
A text or a mail
And I don’t
Have to pretend
To be all
Good friends
With your
Good- for- nothing
Lousy fellows
The reasons
For the first
In our garden
Of Eden
Don’t presume
Things like
I miss you.
I do. But
I am done with it.
Not the missing.
The self loathing.
Anyways we
Were on your blog
In any case,
“My attitude”, you said,
“To start off somewhere
And draw it to myself
Before you left.
But that was that.
I read about you
The ups and the downs
The layers and the loss
On the things you do
And the things you don’t
I know you keep off
The usual places
They don’t find mention
In your blogs.
I know your trying
To date
Your drink buddy’s
Pretty sister.
I am not jealous
I am done with that too.
You wont be
the same you.
I feel sorry for her
She’s dating a residue.

Last week you
Won that big
Sales contract.
You could not hide
The glee
Atleast from me.
You missed several
Punctuation marks
And full stops
In the update.
I know you went out
With the gang
Had few drinks
Smashed few glasses.
What you didn’t write,
Though I read .
Between the lines
Many times
In the pissed drunk night.
You turned to your side
To hug me hard
Happy with life.
And grew silent
To find it empty.


darksunshine said...

i hope this is just random...

shuchika said...

ofcourse, all I write is not autobiographical.

also, a good writer is someone who can tell someone else's story, as passionately as her own.

reading a bit of Erica Jong and Sylvia Plath these days, so these bouts of inspiration.

shikha said...

i can so relate to this one...:)...a very good one.....:)