Monday, April 6

Sugar and Salt

The doctor suspects
I have low sugar levels.
Though he does not say it
I believe, he suspects
I lack sweetness too.
I can’t remember
Precisely when
did I run out of
my natural reserves
The drying up
The first time
my mother
sat me down
and chatted me
about an unbalanced world
The history
of differentiation
And its scope
I was hurt
My adulthood began
Flagged off
By bitterness
Of those
I wish she had
Added a footnote
No matter what
Each one got their due
or people still
Loved those
Who didn’t
So every time
I wanted something
Real bad
I scooped
A little
Of my sweetness
Grazed it with
And traded
It over the counter
For something
The frenzied games
At work, they are
The worst
They suck sweetness
And don’t give
back any.
I fear sometimes
When I will
be old. A
With arthritis
And it
would be time
To perform
On bedtime
Dripping with
Sugar and honey
I will be
A mound of salt.

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