Saturday, May 23

An Open Letter to Manmohan Singh

Dear Mr. Singh, at the outset,
We still believe you.
Across party lines.
Despite your spine
Despite your embarrassing awe,
At the G20, that we saw.
Despite the dismay, you lack,
At Mumbai’s terror attack.

But now, you have returned
With majority.
And you are people’s choice,
There’s clarity.

Votes have stung the wasp
Democracy is out of Laloo’s clasp
Out of Parliament’s crust
Left is biting the dust
We have rejected them all
Brokers, dealers, whores
Their pride has had a fall

But Mr. Singh, its time to
Go for the kill,
Coz people have
Voted for political will

Going forth we will watch
The old loyalist, the young Turks.
Though, we are critical, we know
In India, dynastic politics works.

But we want you to guard
The nation from this facade.
(I am personally embarrassed
With your party’s singing
Rahulji is our prince in waiting)
We want you to stake claim,
Our rightful role in global game.

To our neighbors, some hard
Messages are long overdue.
We deserve a terror free milieu.
From, you, we need reforms
We need the growth rate,
And we kept out the worms.

Mr. Singh, simple it may seem
But we want to live the new India Dream!!

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