Saturday, May 9

Strawberry Cheese Cake

I made fresh
Strawberry cheese cake.
Easy and nice to bake.

Coz, I did not
Give you a piece
Here’s the recipe
If, you please.

Take a bit
Of margarine.
Break few
Cookies into shards.
Mix them well
With the lard.

Throw in,
Castor sugar.
And of course,
While at it,
Lick your finger.

To make the crust,
Press this flat
In the bake tin.
Pour yourself
A gin.

And as you get
In a mixer
Make the cheese
Go dizzy.

Beat two eggs
And sugar,
Into the cheese.
You’re almost there
Rest is a breeze.

Pour this gently,
Over the crust.
Put in an oven
Bake till it turns,
The color of rust.

And, with the gin,
Things are a bit airy!
But now comes,
The real thing.
The strawberry.

Take the luscious
Red fruit,
Cut the ends,
and keep aside,
Sluice the cake
With fresh cream.
And stud the berries
On this dream.

Your cake’s done,
Its real cool.
What, you snoozed?
Who’ll eat this?
You drunk fool!

1 comment:

darksunshine said...

my mouth is watering so bad
coz its long since i've had

strawberry cheese cake
n gin on the make


the melt i can taste
and cannot fathom the appreciation gone waste

since i didnt get to eat
the delight so sweet!

{urrghhh :) }