Sunday, May 17

Women in 30s - I

A woman of thirty
Is at once, so many,
Things. But mainly
She is content with
Who she is.
Her body that defied
so far, learns
the law of gravity.
And the slither of silver
In her hair, is actually
A marked punctuality.
Her bills and taxes are paid
Her friends are measured,
Her plans are drawn
She is set in her ways
Music, food, movies.
She dresses her age
And yet she may leave all for a whim
Or a whim for all.
For one, she is done
With loving wrong men.
She knows Wickham for Wickham
And Darcy for Darcy
When, she re-reads her Jane Austen
She is so many people at once.
The prodigal daughter,
Indulgent,to her mom’s misgivings
After a decade of rebellion
And, the mother, that she is now
Her cup full of motherly longings
The partner, the friend
Who walks with her, an imperfect man
Sweat soaked man, with worry line
Its his calluses, she finds her own
His imperfection she finds divine
Over her intuition, she trusts no one
She basks in her belief, her belief
Takes her to places, others shun!!!
And, its her relationship with herself
That she wakes up to,
That she cherishes the most
She’s buried the hatchet,
Confronted old ghosts.
She is done with proving things
Done with critics and detractors
It’s a tenuous thread that gnaws within
A journey with herself that she begins.

I know this is like rough but I have another 7 -8 years to write on the subject, so no hurries and no worries


Anonymous said...

hmm..are you at peace with yourself?

shuchika said...

yes, which is why dont leave anon comments