Sunday, June 21

and now for some self absorption....

Please go to Pravin's blog to see my poem for the Beautiful Mind Contest

I am happy to know that I could contain what Pravin shot in a poem. Thank you for your piece Pravin.

Sunday, June 7

Shards of my everyday Life

The little things in my bag that construct me
gradually, bit, by bit, shards of my everyday life

My bank statements, the forms and bills, a notebook
that reads “Things to do”, cards of my everyday life

A pepper spray, a Swiss knife, my security card for that
stalker, who may lurk behind, guards of my everyday life

A lip liner, compact, a kohl pencil, a hurried smudging
to face the made –up- world, facades of my everyday life

My ipod full of Leonardo Cohen music, scribbled poems
“The Golden Gate” by Vikram Seth, bards of my everyday life

My cell phone, messages from friends, and one from “have been”
My mom’s eight frantic missed calls, retards of my everyday life

These are things that make me and unmake me, the little things
That I fold back and keep, shards of my everyday life