Sunday, July 12

Middle Management

I am the middle management
Caught in a strange curious cusp
I am cheese stained soggy lettuce
Flanked by dry toast, sitting smug

My juniors find me conceited
From their little gossips excluded
I am friendless and insecure in the
Corporate ascent, its ladder eluded

I am top management's parakeet
who sings paeans for their vision
to a group of suspecting juniors
And live forever with their derision

Whole day I make presentations
labored over by other folks
I present their insight as mine
While their ambitions choke

The management finds me tiresome
Growth seeking, eager to please
Bad witb peers, worse with juniors
I am their idea of a corporate leech

And I keep blaming this and that
Hop jobs, or expect boss to resign
To storm the corporate citadel
And thus, I bid my time

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darksunshine said...

hey i like this!