Wednesday, July 8

My married friend's woes

This contempt of familiarity
The thing about marriage
Ebbing love, hiatus of "us"
This domestic barrage

Oh! Courtship, the rush of adrenal
The urgency, the living on edge,
The wanton ways, I prefer,
To this life of predictable drudge.

This daily fret for beer and bread,
Waking up to each other's breath.
The dinner jacket is for others,
And the boxers bore me to death.

Since you asked for the troth,
No point stretching this squabble.
Over fetching groceries, paying bills
Lets, for peace, again, play scrabble.

Lets entertain couples, as trite,
Stamp of boredom, their marriage
''Please pick my mom up tonight"
I meant her when I said baggage.

And honey, why do I see a yawn
escape you, I cant stand the sight.
This injured look on your face
You know, sex is for Saturday night.

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