Saturday, July 4

Politically Incorrect

This acquaintance of mine
Didn’t date, didn’t love
Her virginity intact
Like the smell of clove
This man, she married
Has other plan for her
He wants her to be
Wordless, quiet, demure
Cook, clean, pay
Warm the bed, love
Without a whimper, a say!
This acquaintance of mine
Virgin, clove, dew, petal
She is waiting right now
quiet, proving her mettle
Her lord turns away
In the nuptial bed, like ice
She is doing her best to defray
These thoughts, her only vice
Hoping her man, her master
Will surely turn around
Will take her in his arms
Coldness thawed, duty bound
I wish her the best
To pass in flying colors
This self imposed test
Her mother confirms with
An air of platitude,
That all will be well, the
Need is, a right attitude
If I were her, I would
Show loads of it, and
Steal this man’s gall
May be, castrate him
And fry his ball
I know, this poem
And the thought is
Crass and juvenile.
But what do you expect?
I can’t write
A politically correct
Pain laced, tear laden
Fourteen line sonnet.


Anonymous said...

absolutely brilliant. Only you, shuchika could have written this. I only hope that in today's day and age such a friend is only a exaggeration of reality. Keep writing. Pooja.

shuchika said...

Thank you Pooja, your compliment means a lot to me.

What I wrote is roughly about 50% of what that woman is going through, just wanted to keep her pain anonymous and private, not up for public view, hence omitted some details.

Economic Independence of women is a strange thing. It, one one hand, gives women the ability to change their situation while lends them for dual exploitation.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff. Never understood the hidden treasures in you. Next time whenever I am down I would visit your blog to soak in your lovely poetry.
Expecting you to see hanging in book stores soon. Keep writing. What I can only say, caught on a wrong job.:) sanjeev biswas

shuchika said...

Thank u sanjevv, it is very nice of you to say such nice things.

God willing, I will explore my creative side when I am young fifty.