Wednesday, July 1

Women like me

They live on their terms
They are women like me as such.
They don’t fret over their past
They don’t obsess with future much.

They drive their cars and their
view points, with the same alacrity.
From Mumbai to Manhattan
Their stories weaved in one tapestry.

They loved their men ruthlessly,
To each one they were true.
Fear and biological clocks apart
They shrug the going aways with little rue.

Lunch can be forsaken, niceties as well
Dinners and dates can go cold
But they jump up enthused, at midnight
For the mad dream that they hold

These are women like me as such
Devoid of seduction, free of clairvoyance
Their tales many muted mutinies
Mired in morality, also an act of defiance

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Amitesh said...

Just had some leisure time. Browsing net and here it is. I found reading you quite interesting.
Good to read you.