Monday, August 17

Death by boredom

I remember Bangalore, and a lovely dessert we used to have in Corner House. Death by chocolate something closer to Chocolate Avalanche in Mocha.

If I were to die know , I would die young and my epitaph would read Death by Boredom.

Please please somebody please save me.

Saturday, August 15

This is Sunday morning fodder.

This time our very own SRK, our collective pride, has undergone over an hour of detention at New York airport sans cellphone and sans dignity.

SRK Detained.

We are undergoing indignation, anger even humiliation depending on our surnames. The whole incident has exposed the seamier side of security measures in US of A,another one for Obama administration which is doing its best to wipe off Guantánamo Bay phenomenon from a post 9/11 America. ( though a simple wiki search tells me that it existed even before that.)

World over States fail to strike the balance on such issues how much security is enough security ? How much racial profiling is enough and when does racial profiling infringe on fundamental human right to live with dignity ?

While at one level when can understand US's paranoia over the issue of terror, it would be worthwhile to hand over a two pager on "whats done' and "whats not done at all". I was far more indignated when our ex president was asked to put his cellphone aside for frisking by must- be - a trainee, in the Indian Soil. That was a violation of a process.

And I am sure that a country as enterprising as that can find a better method of separating the wheat from the chaff, because racial profiling against the Khan or anybody is pure humiliation for the victim and very embarrassing for the perpetuate of the act. Its just too damn embarrassing !!! Racial profiling is as big a slur as apartheid was

And I think whether its India or US or more recently Pakistan, all states have realised that the issue of Global terror is beyond a religion, a sect, its a far seamier truth than religious bigotry. It finds its origin in the history of a country, its own world views and faults with its world views.

When Obama says that Pakistan has no real threat from India , but its real issues are on the Pakistan Afhanistan border, likewise America's threat is not the influx of Khans & Alis on its airports but in its own at times divisive at times intrusive foreign policy.

US is doing this coz it does not want to deal with another Ground zero ofcourse looking at Shahrukhs' luggage on the airport is really looking at the wrong place but atleast it has a security measure, however faulty. As far as India is concerned there are only lessons from the American experience - America's security policy is saying - "once bitten,twice shy." As for us, we are still at large on our security measures.

By the way those of you who think that our processes do not make allowances for some of the things that happen in airports at America, thats not true, but these unlike the US are not articulated as strongly and to an average Joe, it may feel like harassment. Besides the rampant corruption ensures that any extra government window for extra scrutiny of papers, reduces to another Rs. 100 - Rs.200, in the hands of Babus.

We have our own Guantánamo's to account for, to many who want to read more on this issue, I would recommend reading " Curfewed Night By Basharat Paer.

On a sombre note....

I never thought that one day I would blog about Shahrukh Khan but I am increasingly getting impressed with his off screen persona. ( onscreen will take some more time).
It takes a Khan to register the kind of protest he did, "matured and unemotional". and quickly distanced himself from any half apology that diplomatic pressures would ensue. This Khan is evolved and truly professional. Truly an Indian icon. He wears his religion on his sleeve well, married inter religion, speaks in defense of Islam when he has to, and condemns terrorist attack openly. Yes, he is truly an Indian icon. Off screen.

Wednesday, August 5

Song of Sixteen at Thirty two

Well, I should have written this when I was 16, but at 16 I was busy building by vocabulary and doing my calculations, so at 32, I use my vocabulary to write this.

It seems a little juvenile but I will post it.

I have been there and done that
And thus I write this for you
My grey strands, I dye
on this page , in ink blue

Who one dates defines them
And the shape of things to come
Avoid the music later, learn to
Hear the sound of distant drum

You could always date the poets
Only don’t date them for too long
They are available aplenty, but
You will be their half written song

Don’t date a geek, ever
the forever obsessed nerd
he will write love letters in codes
and shrink you into a password

The actor who struggles forever
To start with, he will be taciturn
He will dig you till stardom, and
wonder, if sex is all he can return

If you are dating a banker
He will love you strong and firm
If he doesn’t invest in a solitaire
He isn’t thinking long term

And if you want to know life
And learn some endurance
For once date a man, a man
Who toils and sells Insurance