Wednesday, August 5

Song of Sixteen at Thirty two

Well, I should have written this when I was 16, but at 16 I was busy building by vocabulary and doing my calculations, so at 32, I use my vocabulary to write this.

It seems a little juvenile but I will post it.

I have been there and done that
And thus I write this for you
My grey strands, I dye
on this page , in ink blue

Who one dates defines them
And the shape of things to come
Avoid the music later, learn to
Hear the sound of distant drum

You could always date the poets
Only don’t date them for too long
They are available aplenty, but
You will be their half written song

Don’t date a geek, ever
the forever obsessed nerd
he will write love letters in codes
and shrink you into a password

The actor who struggles forever
To start with, he will be taciturn
He will dig you till stardom, and
wonder, if sex is all he can return

If you are dating a banker
He will love you strong and firm
If he doesn’t invest in a solitaire
He isn’t thinking long term

And if you want to know life
And learn some endurance
For once date a man, a man
Who toils and sells Insurance


Reji Vincent said...

hi suchika,

i see that ur wit has evolved for the better over the past decade. it was nice reading ur poem........ i had no idea that selling insurance was so exotic :)

reji vincent

shikha said...

i have loved this one...amde me really laugh