Tuesday, October 13

Iambic pentameter and laundry

As part of my poetry course with Oxford University I am supposed to produce a line from where I was sitting. I was forbidden to use imagery, rhymes or any other poetic form.

I was sitting on the sofa, with my chocolate colored bean bag in front of me, my laundry for the last 2 weeks lying on it and my domestic help in the hospital. ( for all you essential humanists, she is doing fine now.)

so this is the line I produced

My laundry stares at me to stake a claim

and then I completed it like this.

My laundry stares at me to stake a claim
To my here and now, crawl on all fours
To me, tug at my skirt, jump and jeer, till
I pick it up, pull it by the ears, and throw
it in, with a handful of washing powder
to a whizzing silence, where it gets mauled
into cleanliness, dignified, and stain free.

Ofcourse i have drifted from the form atleast in 3 lines in this poem, doesnt matter, i think this sounds reasonably fine.

suggestions on bringing it back are welcome.

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shikha said...

I too think...sounds reasonably well....