Friday, December 25

Paa ( No Papa) - Top of mind thoughts

Why is Paa not what it seems? C'mon guys, I mean what are we celebrating in Paa? Balki the ad guy turned filmmaker or the greatest ever Big B ?

I love Big B, ever since I have known (OF) him, I have loved him even when movies were forbidden, i fell in love with him in the posters, never had to go to a theatre too.

too bad.

But he is not my idea of a progeria ridden "Auro". The role should have gone to Darsheel.

I think Balki is smart, of course he has to be, one has to be real smart to produce ads. Which is why Paa gnaws at you for a split second,like a jingle, makes you laugh, has the right people, the young upright politician who spells hope, Auro with his oversized head who spells doom and Vidya Balan, the single mom who spells ???

And thats why I wonder, where do these people come from ? I think and I thought the same about Cheeni Kum , Balki's weakest link is his characters are often , always in vaccum, and it takes 30 seconds for a movie to get killed for me, if it lacks context and characterisation.

1. Where is Lucknow, did he find a woman , who wanted her daughter to be an illegitimate mother ?

2. Wheere in Lucknow, did he find Vidya, who walked out on her heir- apparant, too good to be true, boyfriend, and gave birth to Auro, if that was the case, we wouldnt have the Surya clinics mushrooming in small towns where abortion happens under a dim yellow light with primitive methods.

ok, so you think I am deviating from the topic. This movie was about Auro.

1. So Auro has too adult a pair of eyes for a 13 year old, Does proegria do this ? Do your eyes enamate "been there done that"? Please. Amitabh, the greatest ever actor was a wrong cast. Perform , he did, for who, he is, but he didnt look convincing atleast to me. Every time I saw his back, I knew it was Big B ill fitted into Auro costumes.

2. Auro was cracking far too many jokes with sexual inneuendos directed at his mom, another trademark Balki. Yes, children talk sex these days.... but incestuous comments .....err, excuse me.

3. I may be blamed for nit picking but Auro boy didnt feel half as real as Darsheel in Taare Jameen Par. And while we are it, Tabu in Cheeni kum also didnt feel real.

4. Was Paa a love story, no ? Was it a woman's fight against destiny , no ? Was it about progeria ? ofcourse not, that would be too depressing.Was it about father - son relationship, no ? It was a little of all this just like a coca cola, feel good, fuzzy but not something you carry back, like you did in many other father - son movie ( give me masoom any day over Paa).

To me it was one of the greatest Big B ad ever made. Full of marketing gimmick, but no product.

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