Wednesday, December 30

Report Card

(Written on 31st Dec’2009)

Another year slips into nothingness
The disco lights festoon the shops
The retail reward points entice
gullible shoppers, shopping for
strawberries, plum cakes, frozen food.
The New Year plans are clogged
in Saki Naka traffic.
The sultry seductress on the billboard
invites the teenager in the auto rickshaw
to her year end cleavage show.

I am sublime. Last night’s caprioska
Drunk in gulps at the suburban Zenzi
is still playing with my mind.
I look at my legs, they need waxing
And a little exercise.
I want to bring my thirty third year
with clean toenails.

Besides, I have nothing else to show.
A defunct mother, a forbidden love
My father in heaven or hell (I don’t know)
and two deviant siblings.

My senile mother is calling;
she has got a wind of my holidays
I am torn between talking to her or
resuming my silent walk
I consider the scars of my
childhood and disconnect her call.

Save these eccentric walks
I keep the pretences rather well
I go to work everyday
I meet people I neither love nor hate
I pay my taxes on time
Once or twice I say my prayers too.

I walk past a magazine stall.
The TOI carries an article “Noose tightens
around Rathode”.
The former DGP, is a child molester.
He is media’s favorite
whipping boy.
I say a silent prayer, despite
my scars, I have survived.

On the other end of the road,
Little girls in pink pinafores
Get off their school bus smiling
Each with a school bag
And the weight of their childhood
On the road opposite to this
There is a cinema hall where
3 idiots” runs to packed audiences
It’s a film about following your hearts
I wonder if the girls in pinafore would
Follow their hearts.
I wonder if they would slither into their
Thirty third year, like me
With little or no faith, and a cell phone
that cannot stop ringing.

I walk back to my apartment. I
Turn my lonely key into the automatic lock.
On my dining table, I see a bottle of red wine
And a copy of Allen Ginsberg’s “Collected Poems”
I switch off my cell.
“Happy new Year mom and everyone”

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Anonymous said...

Happy new year Shuchika. May you get all the peace and happiness which you deserve