Saturday, December 5

Sonnet : Vote for me

( abba, abba, cdecde)

They stood in a neat row, seven brides to be,
Nice eyes, chiseled nose, full lips, black hair
A sherwani clad groom surveyed with an air,
The seven brides, done up like Christmas tree.
The first one spoke, dressed in a sapphire blue
A hush descended over, and many hearts tore,
Vote for me, prince, I am nice, pretty and pure
I will cook and clean, marry me without any rue
The prince nodded, his ego, an oversized balloon
I wondered, what’s with all the women these days
The “perfect brides” on telly in red, pink and rust
Why for this dandy, would they pout and swoon,
On national network? Is it a fad, a new young raze?
“Brazen”, I said and changed the channel in disgust.

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