Friday, December 30

My New Year resolutions

First thing first, I would stop blaming my parents.
It’s embarrassing how I can go on and on about
the scars of my childhood, usually after two drinks.

Talking of drinking, I would give it up too,
“No , I am not turning moral or something”, its
just the way I hate how glass turns
 my anger to a foolish grin by the night.

Few other promises I make to myself are
expected of a middle aged women.
I promise to get my young body back.
“It doesn’t matter really, but why
give up a good thing for nothing.”

I resolve to give up – the falling in love thing.
This Carry Bradshaw life
doesn’t become me. I need to have babies soon.
All these men with half- hearts and pointy shoes
Don’t make good fathers, I hear.

At work, I would change too.
Like I would attend all meetings
All of them, regardless of what they are about
I would give up staring at my toes
Through the dullness of the day
Buying closed shoes should help.

Oh! and I will pick up my economics
And my poetry.
It’s annoying not to do the things
That made you up once upon a time.

I would however review the promises
By April end, I might jettison a few from
The list if they don’t make sense then.

Happy New Year everyone!